Sunday, October 26, 2008

Writing Routine Tips

I’m reading a memoir by Haruki Murakami called “What I Talk about When I Talk About Running.”
Through journal entry-like writing, Murakami reveals the routines and methods he has used to become a stellar novelist and athlete.
I’m trying to let the book teach me how to be a better writer.
He says that to be a good writer one must have talent, focus and endurance.
“You’ll naturally learn both concentration and endurance when you sit down every day at your desk and train yourself to focus on one point.”
I have made it my goal to spend two hours a day every day at my desk (actually a sewing table) writing. I need to learn to focus and endure. I’m an hour and twenty minutes in right now.
Earlier in the book, Murakami wrote that he stops every day when he feels that he could write more so that the next day’s work goes more smoothly. He sets a pace and keeps rhythm in writing just like in running.


Flea said...

When you think about it that makes sense...I know I feel the sense of accomplishment on a completed project and it gives me a new energy, allowing me to propel myself into something new. Maybe that's why I work better on only 1-2 projects at a time. I need to see a final project. And after a good run, you know you could go a little further, and perhaps that is what makes you run further or harder the next time. I am wanting to take some classes to 'sew harder and further' in technique but the classes at Jo-Annes and local stores are expensive. I found this website and might try it out. Several classes fit my budget and interest...

be said...

What classes are you looking into? Let me know what you think of the classes.

There are several women in Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild who are taking a class through Quilt University on a computer program to help in quilt design.

Flea said...

You know me, I am still trying to get curved edges down...anyone have any far nothing has helped me...