Monday, June 29, 2009

Watermelon Party

Kids love parties. And parties can be easy, as long as adults remember that it doesn't take superhero plates and a room full of kids to make a party.

Here's an idea for a quick and easy Watermelon Party. All you need are Watermelon Party Hats and watermelon. The three and five year old boys I baby sit for loved it.

To make the hats you'll need:
White card stock
elastic cord for chin strap
a mixing bowl to trace
a marker
red, green, and black crayons
a stapler and hole punch

The hat is made from a half circle. To get the shape I traced around my 11 inch mixing bowl, then used a magazine as a straight edge to half the circle.

Then cut out the half circles. Have the children color them to look like watermelon slices. Fold the colored half circle into a cone. Staple twice. Then a punch holes on the left and right side of the hat. Tie one end of the elastic cord through the hole, put the hat on the child and measure the length of cord to fit his head. Tie the other side and party.

I cut half the melon into slices and let the boys practice their melon-balling skills on the other half. It's a sticky, sweet time, best finished off with a run through the water hose.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maker's Notebook

I won the new Maker's Notebook, a journal made by the creators of Make & Craft Magazine. It's a really nice book: well-bound, with good paper, plus lots of extras and I love the color.

I got an email from Make magazine a couple of weeks ago asking me to take a survey. I took the opportunity to let them know that I really missed Craft's print edition and that I think that Make is a good magazine, sometimes just for a bit different demographic than me. I must have been one of the first 100 to answer because they sent me a notebook.

I'm grateful. It's nice and includes all kinds of information like the dates of the next solar eclipses, pictures of screwheads you should know, Morse Code, sewing machine needle sizes, and all kinds of other things. The pages are thick, acid free graph paper with places for headings and each one is numbered. My favorite feature is the ruler on the inside front cover.My journals are usually companions to me for six months or so, going everywhere and holding me together with lists and dates and keeping all my of ideas until I can get to them. I think the Maker's Notebook will make a nice one.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Find: dress for summer Saturdays

I stopped in Goodwill today and found this dress. I'm going to wash it tonight and take it with me on my little excursion to Gatlinburg this weekend.

All Knoxville locations have everything 50% off the last Friday and Saturday of each month so this dress only cost me three bucks. Yeah. I also found a couple of tshirts for $1 a piece to cut up and sew.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Kinds of Swords: Art to be Embroidered

My next embroidery project is four-year-old Nico's marker drawing. It is, in Nico's own words, "all kinds of swords." I'm going to make this drawing into a throw pillow for his mom. This is the last of three custom pillows with a child's drawing I made as auction items for my school's fundraiser. If you'd like to look at the other two, they're here and here. If you are interested in having a pillow made from your favorite drawing by a child, please leave me a comment or visit my etsy shop.

Monday, June 15, 2009

back from Bonnaroo

I've been on vacation since Thursday at Bonnaroo, a four-day music and art festival in Manchester, TN. I saw a LOT of live music, thoroughly relaxed, and got in some great people watching. The girl above is hula hooping to Merle Haggard playing Okie From Muskogee.

With 80,000 people at the festival, there was so much going on. I'm hoping that being over-stimulated for four days straight will do good things for my creativity for a while. I've got some fun stories lined up to write for the newspaper and I'm really wanting to get into some clothing reconstruction.

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest. I loved hearing about your childhood crafts. Congratulations to velmalikevelvet for winning the drawing for the throw pillow I made.

Monday, June 8, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Dutch girl throw pillow

Today is my 100th post and I'm celebrating by holding a contest to win this throw pillow that I made. It's hand embroidered with a little Dutch girl.

To enter to win the pillow, please leave a comment below explaining something you made as a child by Tuesday, June 16th. I'll put everyone's name in a hat and draw a winner at random.

Here's something I made when I was in fourth grade:
Paper Rings and Bracelets
I colored scraps of paper, laminated them with clear tape, and made them into rings and necklaces. Then I sold them on the playground for quarters. I had all sorts of styles: hearts, peace signs, butterflies, yin yang symbols. I even did custom orders. I was coming home with my pockets full of coins for days, until a couple of copy cats put me out of business.

Remember to leave a comment below about something you made as a child and you'll be entered to win the Dutch girl throw pillow above.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Embroidered Kid Art Pillow

I made this pillow for the mother of a child at my school from a drawing he did for her. It was what I offered at the annual fundraising auction.
Here's the back. It tells the story of the drawing.

(Lucas and his mother are French so he calls her Maman.)

This is how Lucas drew his mother's toe after the bee stung it.

I have enjoyed making these pillows from children's drawings so much I just made a listing in my etsy shop to make custom pillows from other children's drawings.
I hope I get some orders because school just let out for the summer, and I have plenty of time for making.