Monday, June 8, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Dutch girl throw pillow

Today is my 100th post and I'm celebrating by holding a contest to win this throw pillow that I made. It's hand embroidered with a little Dutch girl.

To enter to win the pillow, please leave a comment below explaining something you made as a child by Tuesday, June 16th. I'll put everyone's name in a hat and draw a winner at random.

Here's something I made when I was in fourth grade:
Paper Rings and Bracelets
I colored scraps of paper, laminated them with clear tape, and made them into rings and necklaces. Then I sold them on the playground for quarters. I had all sorts of styles: hearts, peace signs, butterflies, yin yang symbols. I even did custom orders. I was coming home with my pockets full of coins for days, until a couple of copy cats put me out of business.

Remember to leave a comment below about something you made as a child and you'll be entered to win the Dutch girl throw pillow above.


Nicki said...

Oh the pillow's lovely....great pom pom trim too!

At the back of my house, sort of growing wild, were some big old rose bushes....more like trees. I remember them as enormous, with big blousy roses that smelt lovely.
My friends and I used to collect the petals and bash them a bit to bruise them, then stuff them in jars and bottles, add water.....and voila! Rose perfume!
Sadly it never quite didn't smell how it should and went brown after a few days!
but we still made it, time after time.
I think it was the process of making...of collecting the jars, picking the petals.....that was such fun!
Nicki x

tania@jetbeads&craft said...

Beautiful little pillow - would look lovely in my daughters room - she turns 4 on Sunday! - How time flies

Flea Puckett said...

I used to cut old socks in the middle and give them away in sets as toe & heel warmers! I remember people would be wearing them when I would go to their houses. Now that I think back, that was very sweet of them, considering the toe warmers didn't stay on very well. I love the pillow! The stitching is fabulous!

Carolyn G said...

I used to make macaroni bracelets and necklaces. I would paint the macaroni so they were colorful. Family and friend were nice to say they were cute.

Ale said...

I grew up on a Beach town, so needless to say it gets REALLY hot during the summer and I used to take some wooden sticks from my dad's (he is a doctor) and I would glue them to some cardboard and draw funny stuff... and give them away as fans, all my mom's friends used them every time they came over to the house and made really nice comments about them, I guess to make me feel nice but I really remember feeling artsy after doing all that "hard work"

jarymane said...

Oh, I know!! We used to make fake fingernails out of glue! We'd pour little puddles of Elmer's glue onto our desks, then sharpen our crayons, catch all the little color flecks that fell out of the sharpener, and mix them into the glue. When it dried it would still be pliable, and we'd peel it off the desk and stick them on our fingers :)

I think the teachers outlawed this at some point...

SisterDG said...

Your pillow is beautiful!

When I was about 8 or 9, I got very hopped-up about making apple-head dolls. (An old craft: you carve a face into an apple, and then let it get shriveled and brown over a few weeks. The resulting head looks like an elderly person.)

Anyway, I carved my apples and hung them in my closet to age and dry out. You're supposed to spray them with disinfectant so bugs don't get them, but I didn't bother with that.

Soon, our house developed a mysterious fruit fly problem. Mysterious, that is, until my Mom looked in my closet. :-)

Sadly, I was not allowed to pursue apple-head doll-making again.

velmalikevelvet said...

Glad I found your blog (via SisterDiane Tweet on Twitter)! Lurve the kiddo-crafting story & your cutie-patootie pillow.

Me, I wasn't much crafty 'til I was an adult (apparently, I didn't know a good thing when I first saw it).

But I remember in Brownies, we made some really cool crafty projects, & one of 'em I still have! I made THE ugliest Christmas tree ornament, & I just adore it. It's just some angels cut from an old card & glued on a styrofoam ball w/ plastic beads & ribbon, but it makes me all weepy with nostalgia every year when I pull it out of my ornament box at the holidays.

Wanna see it? There's a pic in my Flickr photostream here:

Ashley said...

My sister and I were always making stuff, one of my fave silly childhood memories is when we tried to make paint. We thought if we put crayons in a glass of water and then let the crayons melt, we'd have paint. So we set the glass in the window sill and after a few days, all we had was slightly tinted water. Boo, it didn't work, lol.

Julie said...

I would take catalogs and magazines that my mom didn't want anymore. I would cut out pxs of people, furniture,houses etc. I then would arrange the photos in photo album (back then they were regular paper ones), select people pix for a family, then select what furniture would go into their house etc. Even picked out a car for them..Kept me occupied for hours

tammiemarie said...

What a pretty pillow! I made lots of stuff as a kid, but I remember making a plate in school for Mother's day. Basically you colored a picture with markers and they put it on a plate for you. I made a "crazy quilt cat", and it was all different colors and then I wrote "a crazy quilt cat to brighten your day" or something along those lines. (I had a thing for drawing goofy cats, even made a cartoon strip called Alix the Cat) My poor mom, kept it all these years. I have three little ones now and am just starting to get the made with love gifts.

Vanessa said...

what a great give away! lovely little dutch girl! And you remind me of those little leaflets I made when I was little, like little magazines, that I distributed on the playground to all my friends, there were crossword puzzels in there, coloring pages end jokes to read!! all made by myself!

emily said...

i used to make frienship bracelets out the wazoo. Also I would make potholders out of loops that are sold in a big bag of loops. Sometimes I see people have these same potholders that I used to make.