Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maker's Notebook

I won the new Maker's Notebook, a journal made by the creators of Make & Craft Magazine. It's a really nice book: well-bound, with good paper, plus lots of extras and I love the color.

I got an email from Make magazine a couple of weeks ago asking me to take a survey. I took the opportunity to let them know that I really missed Craft's print edition and that I think that Make is a good magazine, sometimes just for a bit different demographic than me. I must have been one of the first 100 to answer because they sent me a notebook.

I'm grateful. It's nice and includes all kinds of information like the dates of the next solar eclipses, pictures of screwheads you should know, Morse Code, sewing machine needle sizes, and all kinds of other things. The pages are thick, acid free graph paper with places for headings and each one is numbered. My favorite feature is the ruler on the inside front cover.My journals are usually companions to me for six months or so, going everywhere and holding me together with lists and dates and keeping all my of ideas until I can get to them. I think the Maker's Notebook will make a nice one.


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