Saturday, April 18, 2009

Embroidered kid art pillow #1

I finished this pillow just in time for the fundraising event we had today. For our auction I offered to embroider a drawing made by the highest bidder's child and make it into a pillow. I made the pillow above to illustrate my offer and as a gift for the volunteer event organizer. The drawing was done by her daughter.

There were two mothers who really wanted a pillow. They were bidding against each other, but there was some confusion when the auction was over. So I ended up saying that I would make a pillow for both of them and the school made double the money.

So I'll be posting pillow #2 and pillow #3 in the coming weeks.


Sarah said...

This turned out so great! I'm curious what stitches you used. Would it be possible to get a close up picture, or is it too late? Maybe with the next ones..

Brooke Everett of be in red said...

For the name, I used the split stitch, which is my favorite stitch ever.

The rest of the drawing was a challenge for me because the marker stroke is so thick. I ended up doing some things that I don't the names of or even if they are actual recognized stitches. The tree was interesting. I just kind of put in stitches everywhere and tried not to warp the fabric or use the same hole twice.

I should have taken a detail photo, but I literally finished sewing on the pom pom trim, took one photo, put on panty hose and ran out the door to the event.

Obviously I have a lot to learn about embroidery. I am planning a trip to my local needlework shop, Double Cross, on Tuesday for some advice. I'll let you know how that goes.