Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The best joke I've ever played

Since today is April Fool's Day, I thought I would share a joke.

It was Christmastime and I was Japan, preparing a package to send home. I decided to make little candy bags so that everyone could have a taste of Japan. I included Mellow Kisses, these great little chocolate candies, hard candy losanges in pretty wrappers, a sweet bean paste filled cake, and the matcha (thick green tea) tootsie roll things that I had really started to like.

In the same bag with those yummy treats, I included some of the grossest things I had found in Japan up to that point. There was a shrimp-flavored rice cracker, candied okra, and the best was the umeboshi. It's a pickled plum to eat with rice, but looks like it could be some kind of cherry candy when individually wrapped.

Drew made a hilarious photo essay documenting his expereince with the candy bag. You should really check it out.


Three Prince Designs said...

Very funny- love the pics and comments!!

mboclair- swapbot

wristeroni said...

Like your blog : )

Drew's post about your package was too funny.

I'll be delving into your tutorial list later tonight.

jarymane said...

Oh, my God, that totally delivered.

Lisa said...

That was awesome. I love the photo essay.

AKJassz said...

HI this is Jassz from swap-bot. I am sort of feeling silly because I'm seeing the blogs that you have done and my other partners and I realized that my spot isn't really a blog. I messed up in my understanding. I read your friend drews post, and was delighted at his photo-dialogue about the candy. It was great, thank you for sharing.


Random_Tangent said...

It was so gross!

I suspected treachery, hence the photographs.