Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A podcast to make by

I found a podcast so enriching I have to share it. CraftyPod, produced by Portland craft scene queen "Sister Diane" Gilleland, has been inspiring me since I found it last month. She has been interviewing players from the art and craft movement for three and a half years, cultivating the craft climate and creating an incredible resource.

Sister Diane loves my favorite radio show, This American Life, and follows the model of audio editing, an art form of its own, that Ira Glass and his team use on that show. The result is an almost perfect version of the conversation that makes it easy to listen to.

As of now there are 84 episodes with information on everything from knitting to decoupage to how to publish a craft book. They are all available for free through the CraftyPod site, iTunes or another podcast collector. My favorite episode is #79 Crafting with Neckties.

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rachel johnson said...

CraftyPod is fabulous! Diane even interviewed me for an episode about Swap-bot a while ago. I am glad you found the site and are enjoying it.