Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fabric Stash Spectrum

I am making this quilt for my own bed. The idea was to make it out of the stash of fabric I have been collecting for so long. Today I finished sewing the blue section. I am keeping it up on my living room wall until the entire top piece is finished.

The fabric sticks to the flannel sheet I thumb-tacked up on the wall. (Fabric sticks to flannel magically...unless you have a fan on high). Ideally the sheet would be plain white, but I improvised.

It is helpful to see the entirety of what you are working on at one time. Another benefit is that when my quilter-friend Felicia comes to my house she can see exactly what I am doing and has donated many pieces from her stash to this project.

I recommend a fabric wall for every quilt designer.


Paula said...

Hi there! Nice Blog! I am here from Swap - bot blog swap. Thank you :D

Paula Brewer

Flea said...

Way to go on the blue! It is starting to look awesome! It is getting cold, you better start working faster! Liking quilts & children, I thought you might enjoy this site...

Flea said...

Hmmm. Deciding on designs. The fabric wall. I have been trying to figure out ways to incorporate my love for Amish quilt designs into other projects, & preview my color interactions. I though I was coming up with something new...but then I found it on the internet. Cross-stitching quilt patterns! I am thinking 4x6inch...a great way to try colors & designs...or remember a quilt made & given to someone. Also, I love to collage. I plan on trying to collage a quilt soon with magazine scraps. I have drawn out my design on a thin piece of cardboard (like the back piece of a notepad)& plan to paste the cut pieces of magazine to my "design board".