Friday, December 26, 2008

All Natural Handmade Heating Pads and Hand-Warmers

For Christmas gifts for co-workers, family and friends I made hand-warmers and heating pads. They were so simple - just a cotton cloth bag filled with rice and sewn shut.

For hand-warmers cut two 4 1/2" squares of 100% cotton. Fold them in half with the pretty sides touching each other and sew the long edge and one of the short edges. Then turn the pouch inside out so that the pretty sides show and fill half full with rice. To close the pouch tuck in the edges of the open end and sew along the edge. Then microwave until warm (about 45 seconds in a new microwave) and put inside your pockets or gloves.

To make a heating pad start with one 14" x 14" piece of cotton and follow the directions above. Microwave for about two minutes then put on any aching body part or use to keep a covered dish warm.

Readers: Please share what gifts you made in the comment section.


Flea Puckett said...

I made several gifts this year...and had a great time watching their faces as they realized that they were handmade! The thought and time that gets put into handmade items makes even the smallest gifts priceless! I made doll quilts with pillows for many of the children in the family and coworkers daughters. I also made my mother a quilt entitled "Mom's Jewelry Box". Each of the "diamonds" represent one of the 4 children. Okay, I tried to get pics on here several times...Brooke, I need help!

Flea Puckett said...

Okay, thank you Brooke! Here is the link to my myspace...and all the pictures of my recent projects can be viewed without logging in by going to my "pics" and viewing the "Crabby Crafter" album. p.s. the fortune cookies turned out amazing!