Friday, December 26, 2008

More Handmade Christmas

My friend Yumiko in Japan made this pop-up Christmas card for me.

My best friend Sarah made me a pouch to carry tea bags in.

My Aunt Peggy made these beautiful Christmas cakes.

She also made homemade candy for everyone in the family.

Peggy's mother, Janie gave me Pear Honey and Strawberry Fig Preserves.

I made this birdie on a ribbon for baby Maddie's carrier (find the pattern to make your own here.)

I bought these recipe cards from Kiss + Tell's etsy shop for Mrs. Goddard (who made me a wonderful coffee cake I should have photographed before I ate.)

I ordered this pair of birdie notebooks from Story by Mia for my after care staff, but I ended up keeping one for myself.

These earrings were made by HModine. I gave them to Sarah, who made the cute tea pouch above.

This article
says that more people gave handmade gifts this year. If you gave or received a handmade gift this year, share it by posting a comment below.

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