Thursday, May 14, 2009

Piñata party

This image is from the children's book Angelo the Naughty One illustrated by Leo Paliti, 1942.

Cinco de Mayo came and went without me even having a margarita, but the holiday inspired me to make a piñata with the kids.

To make an easy piñata like this one:

1. Cover a balloon in newspaper strips dipped in a flour/water/school glue mixture, leaving a hole in the top (near the balloon tie) big enough to put prizes in later. Make sure to cover it completely. The more layers, the more whacks it will take.

2. Let it dry. This takes days.

3. Pop the balloon and remove the balloon remnants.

4. Put prizes inside.

5. Clear tape a layer of dry paper to cover the hole. Then cover the hole with duct tape.

6. Duct tape a long cord to the piñata. The cord needs to be strong and well attached.

7. Spray paint the whole thing, then let children paint designs on it.

8. Enjoy.


andrealynn said...

pintas are so much fun! esp. when you can make your own. I love the framed illustration, what lovely colors

Virginia Kirby said...

I miss KMS! I'm glad you're happy there. Consistency is so important to the kids.

I got a job teaching 3rd and 4th grade (mixed class) at a private school in Cookeville next year! It is the closest thing to KMS I've seen up here. It's not a Montessori school, but the atmosphere is very similar. I think I'm going to really enjoy it.

one gal's trash said...

I love the old Cinco de Mayo print!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great long weekend!
One Gal's Trash