Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacup Mother's Day cards

Today and tommorow are parent teacher conferences at school so that means I get the perfect circumstances for two days of making crafts with kids. I have a group of maximum five kids at a time to entertain for a half hour while their parents talk with teachers. I’m using the time to have children make these teacup Mother’s Day cards.

I made a quick template by drawing the outline of a teacup on the top half of a sheet of paper with a marker, then folding it in half to trace its mirror image, and copied it on card stock. I cut them out, which was a lot of cutting, and glued and folded for the younger ones. The kids decorated the teacup sides and two scraps of paper that are taped to a real tea bag. I taped a string to the teabag package and taped the smaller scrap of paper to look a tea tag.

One of the teachers saw what we were making and said that she has a project like this with a little poem on the cup. I also saw a beautiful (and much more polished) patterned teacup printable on the amazing blog that you should explore zakka life.

The kids like making these cards and it was a nice surprise for the moms after their conferences.


andrealynn said...

Can't help it, little kids drawings always make me smile :D

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Beautiful indeed, my son is starting to draw and paint, so this is going to be perfect for him.

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Elliott Broidy said...

I love this idea. I am saving it!