Sunday, February 8, 2009

Homemade Valentines

Last year I made my valentine a Fabric Window Valentine after seeing them on the Purl Bee's blog. It was quick and easy and turned out really cute. I recommend you check out the tutorial and make up a few before Valentines Day.

Today I will be making a different sort of valentine for my boyfriend using a fabric that is familiar to him. I'll post it later.
The valentines above are from the Purl Bee.


Flea Puckett said...

You totally inspired me! I made John a Valentine using paint, ribbon, cardstock & some decorative paper. The words & design are simple, but I think he will like it. Thanks for the awesome idea!

miss pinkmango said...

I love these!! so pretty :) I will keep them in the back of my mind for the next Valentine's Day! thanks!

jeux en flash said...

it's so cute what you had made. a meaningful present for valentine day!