Sunday, February 22, 2009

fabric on display

I found a bunch of abandoned embroidery hoops, put fabric in them, them hung them up on the wall. I like how it brightens things up and gives me an opportunity to see some of my favorite fabrics even if I won't have time to do any playing that day.

To keep the edges from showing, you could glue the fabric to the inside frame. I used masking tape because I anticipate wanting to change out the fabric. I think it'll be easy to have a new festive display for each season just by changing out the fabrics.

I will probably add more hoops. I'm thinking a large quilting hoop would look good.

Here is the other wall in my apartment covered in fabric.


jarymane said...

Yup, that looks just as awesome as I'd envisioned it :)

Travelbunny said...

I adore this idea! I think I will steal it, you don't mind do you? I have a crazy hoard of delicious fabrics that would make me very happy to see when i wake up.