Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Find: vintage food photography

When I spotted this book on a shelf of children's books at a thrift store, I opened it thinking I might find a Hansel and Gretel story. It's actually a book about German cuisine with amazing photography, entitled The Cooking of Germany. It's from the Foods of the World series from Time Life books, published in 1969.

Henry Groskinsky planned and photographed the pictures for the book made in the test kitchen and Ralph Crane traveled around Germany in a Volkswagen bus to take the field photos.

The caption reads, "Floral patterns of carrots, cucumbers, hard-cooked egg white, tomatoes, and leek tops beautify these pork chops in aspic."

Writer Ursala von Kardoff is pictured holding a crock of goose-fat spread.

I want a portrait of myself standing in front a cupboard full of my pretty dish collection and a tub of pimento cheese or something.

The cutest mushroom foray I have ever seen

eye candy

That's like the stove that Gretel pushes the wicked witch into on the right page.

Just look at that table cloth!

"a supermodern supermarket in West Berlin"

In case you are as into this as I am, I saw that the book is available on Amazon and here's the link: The Cooking of Germany (Foods of the World)


Kristin Nohe said...

These vintage images are so divine!!!

You're blog is super awesome!

Kristin (kuhnowee)

LittleCakes said...

I love your blog! your vintage imgages re wonderful! I collect cook books,,,I have some terrific lat 60's,, early 70's ones that are super fun...might have to make the amazon purchase on the book, if noone else has swooped it up! I love Kartoffelpuffer (sp)!

Enjoyable're on my list! Feel free to check me out at

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