Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photography tips from California

pattern © Linda Roy 2009
This is what I got done in yesterday's trapunto class (read about the class here). The red thread is just basting so it will be taken out after the quilting. I just love those puffy circles.

Marisa Zucek, who writes the very good Quilt Otaku blog , has come up with a guide to photography that you should check out. She is giving away a bit of fabric she designed to those who post a photo of a handmade project both before reading her tips and after reading them.

This is my before picture. I just read the guide (after taking the picture) and got a lot of ideas to try out. Look for an improved version soon.


Flea Puckett said...

Wonderful tips on photographing! There are several things I picked up I can use. I usually take pictures in the middle of the night when things have just been completed, I will try daytime from now on. I keep a "brag book" of pictures of all the projects I work on, so I still kinda have them even once they are living in someone else's home.

beinred said...

I'm so glad you picked up some tips.

The photographs we take of our work are so important.

You need to really be able to see the details in your brag book so that you can see how your work evolves.

pressure vessels said...

thanks for the tips.