Monday, March 16, 2009

New sewing magazine

I think this one’s got potential. I LOVE the cover. In fact I found the magazine visually inspiring throughout. There’s a how to on getting into design school, an easy to read account of how the fashion industry began with a go-getter in 1800s, fun, trampy waitress dresses and a few other edgy little tidbits.

You can download the entire first issue for free. If you like it, subscribe.


FibreJunky said...

Cool! Thanks for the link.

judith said...

Thank you for sharing this link! I think I may actually subscribe to the magazine. I actually laughed aloud when browsing the first issue online.

I have to say, your quilting work is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see your finished work. :D

The vintage books you posted are really neat. :) Thank you for sharing those!

(Oh, and I'm dearlybeloved from swapbot. :D)